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Who is sincere?

Walk In Dry Places
August 1
Who is sincere?

We sometimes dismiss others people’s relapses with the explanation that they didn’t really want to stay sober or that they lacked sincerity of purpose.
We have no way of gauging just how sincere anybody really is. Even in trying to understand ourselves, we may detect traces of double-mindedness that got us into trouble. Even if we’ve been sober for years, the old desire to drink can be lurking somewhere in the back of our minds.  It’s wise to assume that this is so even when there’s no conscious desire to drink.  If hidden desires to drink still persist even after years of sobriety, it points to the persistence of the disease….  Not to one’s insincerity.

It may even be that sincerity, like sobriety, has to be sought on a daily basis.  Perhaps we are capable of being sincere today, and then lapse into insincerity tomorrow.  To accept this is a sign of prudence and maturity, and perhaps even a measure of humility.

I’ll seek to be sincere today about the things that really count.  If I know I’m insincere in certain areas, I’ll seek more understanding about it.

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