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What Are The Top Three Meditations That You Like Here?

I was just wondering which of the top three meditations that we post here are your favorite and why?

Personally I have a struggle when it comes to just picking a certain amount cause sometimes one of them will speak more to me on any given day than another one would.  With that being said though, I do have three that I do read daily to help me in maintaining my life in Recovery.  Although I usually read all of them I concentrate on three and sometimes I may only concentrate on one especially in the morning time.

The three that I like to concentrate on daily are.

A DAy At A Time
One More Day
Just For Today

The A Day At A Time really seems to be my favorite I would say, yet I do like the One More Day the reason is that with me being disabled and since the meditation book itself was for those who suffer from Medical Conditions, it sure seems to work in my life when I read or even concentrate on what it has to say.  I do like the Just For Today from Narcotics Anonymous.

So which ones are your favorites?  Please comment so we can all know which are everyone’s favorite ones 🙂

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  • Woops I miss spoke there I didn’t mean Medical Conditions I meant Chronic Illnesses, so that sure would make a big difference and it would reach more people. Well anyways was just re-reading what I wrote so thought I better correct that 🙂

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