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Walk In Dry Places September 1, 2011

Walk In Dry Places
September 1, 2011
Are we victimizing ourselves?
Finding the New Happiness

Some believe that people create their own trouble by attracting the wrong conditions and people in their lives. This may not be entirely true, but we can find that some element of it was at work with us.

Time and time again during our drinking, we set ourselves up for abuse and rejection, though our motives seemed right.  Why did we do this? Supposedly to punish ourselves, the theory has it.

If this is true, then we should now call a halt to the process immediately. If we’ve emerged from the terrors of alcoholism, we’ve had all the punishment anybody needs.

We can change our bad patterns by looking carefully at the people and situations we seem to attract. Without resentment or condemnation, we can part company with any problems these have been bringing us. We can start building new relationships and attracting better conditions that will be immensely successful in terms of happiness and well-being.

I’ll remember today that in the new life I’m seeking, there’s no need for punishment. I will not go out of my way to attract people or conditions that create problems in my life.

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