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“That’s the way I am” Getter Better

Walk In Dry Places
August 2
“That’s the way I am”
Getter Better

Bad behavior is sometimes justified as a form of self-expression:   “That’s the way I am.”  Others are supposed to tolerate this or risk losing a friendship.

In our program, we should modify any behavior that offends or hurts others.  If we have been too brutally frank in our comments, for example, maybe we’re at fault. What we call honesty is really a form of cruelty.

If we persist in “being the way we are” even when it doesn’t work, we have nobody to blame but ourselves when things go wrong. Other people are entitled to be treated fairly and decently.   Just as we want to be. Perhaps “the way I am” is something that can be changed for the good of all, ourselves included.

If I have habits and traits that cause friction with others, I’ll take a new look at them.  It’s possible that this is something I can and should change.

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