When Life Is Hard

When Life Is Hard Never give up when Life Is Hard It will pass like when playing Cards

You will be dealt a life that has ups and downs Sometimes you think that nothing will turn around.

Sure we all have days that are sad But in reality they are never that bad

Look into the future and you will see A new world happening for you and me

Hang on to your wildest dreams They will happen sometimes it seems

The life that we are dealt will be different than before Just never, NEVER close that door.

I never thought that I would have a new LIFE And today I feel like a child with a Kite

So if you have came here to this site Sit back and you too can make things right

Listen and Learn to those that are here And none of us today will have to use or drink a beer

So give yourself a loving hug And put down that damn old jug!

Written By: Vic


Just For Today September 28, 2011

Just For Today September 28, 2011 Hope

“Gradually as we become more God-centered than self centered, our despair turns to hope.” Basic Text, p.92

As using addicts, despair was our relentless companion. It colored our every waking moment. Despair was born of our experience in active addiction: No matter what measures we tried to make our lives better, we slid ever deeper into misery. Attempts we made to control our lives frequently met with failure. In a sense, our First Step admission of powerlessness was an acknowledgment of despair.

Steps Two and Three lead us gradually out of that despair and into new hope, the companion of the recovering addict. Having accepted that so many of our efforts to change have failed, we come to believe that there is a Power greater than ourselves. We believe this Power can – and will – help us. We practice the Second and Third Steps as an affirmation of our hope for a better life, turning to this Power for guidance. As we come to rely more and more on a Higher Power for the management of our day – to – day life, the despair arising from our long experiment with self-sufficiency disappears.

Just for today: I will reaffirm my Third Step decision. I know that, with a Higher Power in my life, there is hope.