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Staying On Course

Staying On Course

I’ve triumphed over addiction.
Tatum O’Neal

Many of us have felt that we have finally triumphed over our addiction.  And why wouldn’t we think so, we are clean, we are not using and we haven’t used for such a long time.  We should be happy about our progress that is for sure.  Yet we must not think that we have this licked by any means.

I saw this quote and thought, I am not too sure that I have triumphed over my addiction.  I have felt that way before in prior years and when that happens I usually end up feeling pretty confident or I’ve convinced myself that I am cured.  That nothing or no one will ever be able to have so much  pull on me that I would even think of using as a option.

And just as I was thinking that today, with being one year completely clean…I had such a situation came into my life, and the thought … Well I will just have to show them!  I know that was insane thinking, and I immediately called a few people that I still have in my life.  Using wouldn’t solve anything.  I know that it would not help the situation out at all.  If anything it would escalate the problem.

Today:  Let me remember that I will never completely have triumph over my addiction.  Let me also remember that if the thought comes to my head to use, that I am the only one responsible to get it nipped in the butt before it gets me.

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