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“We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

Entirely ready are key words in this Step. The very act of living Steps One thru Five make us entirely ready, we just need to recognize this and know our defects can be removed. A question that is always asked is – How does God remove all these defects of character? The answer can be found in the Third Step. Before we can use the Third Step in relation to the Sixth Step, we must do some footwork. Our Higher Power will always work through us and other recovering addicts, as long as we are willing to provide the perspiration, our Higher Power will provide the motivation.

One way we do the footwork is to make a list of all our defects. On one side of a piece of paper list defects of character, draw a line down the center of the paper. Across from each defect on the other side of the line we list the opposite of each defect such as:
Intolerance Tolerance
Fear Courage
Resentments Forgiveness

After we have completed this list to the best of our ability, we can now focus on assets we wish to have. This becomes a goal.

Now that we are entirely ready to have God remove these defects of character we will move on to the Seventh Step. Most of us, being the addicts we are will say this sounds too simple, but remember the Sixth Step says: “We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” and this is what we did, became entirely ready. During the Fourth Step we came in touch with our innermost feelings and ourselves. During our Fifth Step we came in touch with our Higher Power, ourselves and another human being. During the Sixth Step we used the information from the Fourth and Fifth Steps to see our defects of character and patterns. We looked at them and went through the work of listing them on paper All of this adds up to being entirely ready.

Write on a separate piece of paper and return to your Sponsor:

1. What is the key of this step and what do those words mean to me?
2. When did we become aware that we are entirely ready?
3. How does God remove these defects of character?
4. What do I replace my defects with?
5. Write your list of defects and their opposites.

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