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Sick and tired

June 02, 2010
Sick and tired

Quote:Page 160

“No matter what prevents me from living a full, happy life, I know the program can help me change, a step at a time. I need not be afraid of the Twelve Steps.”

Something’s not working. In fact, something’s been wrong for a long time, causing us pain and complicating our lives. The problem is that, at any given moment, it always appears easier to continuing bearing the pain of our defects than to submit to the total upheaval involved in changing the way we live. We may long to be free of pain, but only rarely are we willing to do what’s truly necessary to remove the source of pain from our lives.

Most of didn’t begin seeking recovery from addiction until we were “sick and tired of being tired and sick.” The same is true of the lingering character defects we’ve carried through our lives. Only when we can’t bear our shorcomings one moment longer, only when we know that the pain of change can’t be as bad as the apin we’re in today, are most of us willing to try something different.

Thankfully, the steps are always there, no whatter what we’re sick and tired of. The irony is that, as soon as we make the decision to begin the Twelve Step process, we realize our fears of change wee groundless. The steps offer a gentle program of change, one step at a time. No single step is so frightening that we can’t work it, by itself. As we apply the steps to our lives, we experience a change that frees us.

Quote:Just for Today: We wanted an easy way out . . . . When we did seek help, we were only looking for the absence of pain.

Basic Text, p.5

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1 comment to Sick and tired

  • I do know that I had to get sick and tired of my life before I could stop using drugs, than I had to do something different. It was and still is a lot of effort each and everyday. Today is much better than what it was in the past. Being completely off of everything has helped me to be able to Change and work a program that NA AA has layed out for recovery

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