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One More Day September 3, 2011

One More Day
September 3, 2011

My message is peace of mind, not curing cancer, blindness, or paraplegia….  Anyone who is willing to work at it can achieve it.
—  Bernie S. Siegel

Too often, we think we can regain our peace of mind only after our health problems are resolved.  But peace of mind is what we need right now, not later.  We can do a few things in our medical treatment, but we can actively develop our spiritual and emotional strengths.

We can look at life not in terms of success or failure, but in terms of attitudes and beliefs and self-acceptance.  We can reprioritize our life goals to emphasize what can be done.  Gradually, we experience a sense of peace as we separate those things which we can change and control from those which we can not.  Making our choices and acting upon them brings us the peace we need in difficult times.

I will consider only the choices that are truly mine to make.

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