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One More Day September 1, 2011

One More Day
September 1, 2011

Spirituality is like a bird:  if you hold on to it tightly, it chokes, and if you hold it loosely, it escapes.
—  Israel Salanter Lipkin

Being spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious.  Instead, it can be an awakening of our deepest personal sense of caring about other people, as well as an awakening of our appreciation of the joy, symmetry, and balance of nature.

The spirituality we strive for and which comforts us best is based on our finding a similar balance within ourselves.  When we possessively clutch our faith and expect all that we demand, our spirituality is weakened.  Yet, if we expect nothing of it, it might seem to disappear.  Our spiritual lives are strengthened as we find that precious balance between expectant trust in our Higher Power and responsible reliance on ourselves.

I am striving to find fullness and balance in my days.  Certain experiences change the balance, but I can find it again.

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