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One More Day August 11, 2011

One More Day
August 11, 2011

Before an important decision someone clutches your hand — a glimpse of gold in the iron-gray, the proof of all you have never dared to believe.
—  Dag Hammarskjold

There is nothing quite as lonely as having to make a decision.  Imagine the feelings a family goes through when a beloved pet has to be put to sleep.  The parents, because they truly understand the situation, must be the decision makers.  If we are considering a job change, it will affect our immediate family and our friendships.

When a person extends a helping hand, we welcome it as a starving person would welcome food, for it offers affirmation and empathy.  The decision is still difficult, but we have the inner strength to carry us through.

I believe in myself, but will welcome the support of others in my decision making.

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