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One More Day August 10, 2011

One More Day
August 10, 2011

Few men are so miserable as not to like to talk of their misfortunes….
—  Maria Edgeworth

“Don’t get stuck in a conversation with Harry.  He’ll bore you to death telling you his problems.”  We have all had the experience of being warned away from a certain person.  There have probably even been times when we were the “Harry” others tried to avoid.  It’s normal to dwell on our troubles, and we all like to talk about them.  There is an added responsibility on our shoulders now that there is a medical problem present.

We can minimize that problem by becoming aware of what we are doing and by saving our long medical conversations for the people who really care and need to know.  Otherwise, we will find that our friends will slip away, uncertain of how to bear the burden of our changed health.

Caution will become my watchword as I learn to live with my altered health problems.

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