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Living clean

June 11, 2010
Living clean
Page 169

“I feel clean becaue I’m living clean – that’s the way I want to keep it.”

The using life is not a clean one – no one knos this better than we do. Some of us lived in physical squalor, caring neither for our surroundings nor ourselves. Worse, though, than any external filth was the way most of us felt inside. The things we did to get our drugs, the way we treated other people, and the way we treated ourselves had us feeling dirty. Many of us recall waking too many morning just wishing that, for once, we could feel clean our ourselves and our lives.

Today, we have a chance to feel clean by living clean. For us addicts, living clean starts with no using – after all, that’s our primary use for the word “clean” in Narcotics Anonymous. But as we stay “clean” and wok theTwelve Steps, we discover anotherkind of clean. It’s the clean that comes from admitting the truth about our addiction rather than hiding or denying our disease. It’s the freshness that comes from owning up to our wrongs and making amends for them. It’s the vitality that comes from the new set of values wedevelop as we seek a Higher Power’s will for us. When we practice the principles of our program in alour affairs, we have no reason tofeel dirty about our lives or our lifestyles – we’re living clean, and grateful to be doing so at last.

“Clean living” used to be just for the “squares.” Today, living clean is the only way we’d have it.

Just for Today: As we recovery, we gain a new outlook on being clean . . . . Life can become a new adventure for us.

Basic Text, p. 88

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