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Journey To The Heart August 5, 2011

Journey To The Heart
August 5, 2011
Respect Life

The message came softly, during the sweat lodge ceremony I went to in Sedona. At the end of the evening, the shaman thanked the rocks– for glowing with heat, bringing their passion to the evening, symbolizing passion in our lives. She thanked the wood that created the fire that heated the rocks– for giving its fire so that we could have warmth, so that we could celebrate the event. She thanked the water for cooling our throats. And she thanked God for life, for each of our lives, for our lifetimes on this planet.

Respect life. All of it. The world moves so fast, it’s so easy to forget to respect all that lives, all that is. We get so harried, so hurried, we take life for granted. Take time to remember that all life is sacred. All that is part of creation is a creation, and the same life force moves through us all. With all its trials, tests, worries, heartaches, and sometimes heartbreaks, life is a gift.

A few short years on this planet, then we are gone. Do not spend it worrying about all that has gone wrong. You will miss the lesson. You will miss the gift, the gift of life.

Respect life. All of it. Respect and honor your own.

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