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Journey To The Heart August 26, 2011

Journey To The Heart
August 26, 2011
Open to Universal Love

Are you living with the belief that universal love isn’t there for you?

When we look at what we’ve been through, sometimes we feel sad and abandoned. We see others dancing along their path, getting blessings, special help, gifts along the way. Then we turn to our own lives and see only those times we’ve been let down and left out, the times that life, people, and the world haven’t been there for us. Universal love may be real, you say, but it’s just not real for me.

Open your eyes. Open your heart. Open yourself to the universe. Begin to see and notice all gifts you’re given– the clues, the direction, the support. Stop looking to one person or source and let life’s magic dance for you. See how you get what you need. See how naturally the guidance comes when you trust that it will be there. See the smiles, see the friendship, feel the inspiration. Feel the loving touch of a hand on your arm. Say what you need. Say it aloud. Direct your words to the universe. Treat it as if it were a loving friend, and it will treat you the same way.

Universal love is there for you. Learn to recognize its touch and rhythm, for it is the rhythm of life and love.

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