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Journey To The Heart August 2, 2011

Journey To The Heart
August 2, 2011
What Do We Do When People Resent Us?

Even with our best efforts to detach, we may still have moments when the resentments and harsh feelings of another interfere with our peace. We react much as if someone were throwing darts or rocks at us. All the efforts in the world to ignore resentment may not help if we’re feeling the impact of each harsh feeling thrown at us.

These are some idea that might help.

1. Talk to the person. Reason things out. If that’s not possible, send them a box of blessings through prayer or thought.

2. Protect yourself emotionally and spiritually. One healing professional recommends these techniqies, which have helped me. You may have your own. Take some quiet time, close your eyes, and envision yourself encased in a large cube of mirrors. Totally protected, you can see out, but others can’t see in. Spiritually protect yourself by envisioning a flaming circle of fire around you, around the mirrors,too.

3. Look deep within yourself and find the emotional block, the unresolved issue, or the old belief that makes you vulnerable to that energy, to that person. Then release it. Heal it by acknowledging it, feeling it, and letting go.

4. Take a closer look. The pressure and resentment you’re feeling may be your own. Release them. Heal yourself.

Now thank that person for helping you heal, grow, and move along your path.

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