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Journey To The Heart August 14, 2011

Journey To The Heart
August 14, 2011
Value the Simple Tasks of Life

Simple tasks can take us back to the rhythm, the way of life we’re seeking.

How often we think we don’t want to be bothered with laundry, bills, dishes, the lawn. We have other things to do, more important tasks to accomplish on this journey we’re on. But doing the ordinary tasks doesn’t take us away from the rhythm we’re seeking. They don’t take us away from life’s magic. These tasks are the rhythm. They are the magic.

The simple tasks are important not just because they need to be done. The simple tasks are the microcosm of how our lives work. They keep us grounded in reality, they remind us of what’s real, they show us how life works. They will lead us into the way of life we’re seeking, if we approach them the right way. Do the laundry. Do the dishes. Pay your bills. Rake the leaves. Do these tasks with respect.

Restore and maintain order around you, and you’ll feel order in your soul. Create beauty around you, and you’ll feel beauty in your soul. The magic will return. The simple tasks will lead you back to it.

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