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Journey To The Heart August 12, 2011

Journey To The Heart
August 12, 2011
Practice Forgiveness

He was an old man, sitting on the bench. “I don’t know why we just keep on forgiving our brothers and sisters,” he said, looking at the people walking by. “I suppose it’s because when we do, we really forgive ourselves.”

Is there someone we’re judging, censuring? If we look more closely we’ll see that when we blame others, we’re chastising ourselves as well. If we’re honest, really honest, we can see that often what upsets us is something similar to what we ourselves do. Other people can be mirrors of our own behavior.

Yes, there are times when another person does something absolutely outrageous. And we can stand there, hands on hips, saying, I’ve been wronged. I can’t understand how anyone could behave that way. But often, if we’re honest, we really can understand– we have behaved that way,too.

Practice forgiveness. Judgement without forgiveness causes us to feel isolated, separate, and apart, causes us to judge ourselves in the same way. Discover how much better you feel when you forgive others. Find out how much better you feel when you forgive yourself.

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