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Friends and amends—keeping it simple

May 18, 2010
Friends and amends—keeping it simple

Quote:Page 144

“I want to be a responsible friend. I will strive to keep it simple when making amends.”

In every relationship, we don’t always handle things the way we would have hoped. But friendships don’t have to end when we make mistakes; instead, we can make amends. If we are sincerely willing to accept the responsibilities involved in friendship and make the amends we owe, those friendships can become stronger and richer than ever.

Making amends is simple. We approach the person we have harmed and say, “I was wrong.” Sometimes we avoid getting to the point, evading an admission of our own part in the affair. But that frustrates the intent of the Ninth Step. To make effective amends, we have to keep it simple: we admit our part, and leave it at that.

There will be times when our friends won’t accept our amends. Perhaps they need time to process what has happened. If that is the case, we must give them that time. After all, we were the ones in the wrong, not them. We have done our part; the rest is out of our hands.

Quote:Just for Today: We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Step Nine

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1 comment to Friends and amends—keeping it simple

  • quote“I want to be a responsible friend. I will strive to keep it simple when making amends.

    I really like this part, keeping it simple and the part about being responsible. I think so many times I see people (including myself) looking for a easier way out. Today, I try to make sure that I make amends but more important is keeping a 10th step active each moment and when wrong I try to promptly admit is so I don’t have to continue adding on that amends list.

    Good reading

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