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Father Leo’s Daily Meditation September 7, 2011

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation
September 7, 2011

“Without work all life goes rotten.”
— Albert Camus

A spiritual discovery that I have made is that I work in order to be, not simply to exist. To work is human. Work opens the door to the meaning of life, and it stops life from being boring and dull. Work is creative. When I was drinking, I did not have this understanding of work and so it became a burden, something I had to get through, something I had to do for money or security. I missed the creative dynamic of work and how it could enable me to feel good about myself.

In recovery I work, create and grow not only in my job, but also in my leisure hours. Indeed the distinction between the two often overlaps because the program I take into the office is the same program I take into the party or disco.

Today God is to be found in everything.

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