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Father Leo’s Daily Meditation August 14, 2011

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation
August 14, 2011

“If error is corrected whenever it is recognized as such, the path of error is the path of truth.”
— Hans Reichenbach

I believe that in order to discover spirituality in our lives, we need to confront the “disease”, that destructive and negative side of our lives.  We need to make the disease work for us!

For too many years I tried to avoid and deny my alcoholism. I wanted to recover by osmosis! I did not want to get my hands dirty with the reality of my suffering but rather I wanted a “miracle” — really magic — to make everything different from what it had been for years. I did not want to face my pain! But it does not work that way. If I am to get well, I need to confront my disease, smell my disease, hold my disease, pull and tug at the disease in my life. Why? Because it is mine. I need to be in touch with my disease if I am ever going to make the necessary changes. I need to make my disease work for me — that is spirituality.

Let me have the courage to pass through the pain in order to experience the gain.

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