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Need to get to a meeting and speak to someone right away? Below is a list of online meetings and resources to help you find a meeting and fellowship.

+ Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meeting Finder
+ Overeaters Anonymous Meeting Finder
+ Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Finder
+ Al-Anon Online Meeting Finder

Daily Recovery Quotes – September 22

September 22

AA ‘Big Book’ – Quote

We have seen the truth demonstrated again and again: ‘Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.’ Commencing to drink after a period of sobriety, we are in a short time as bad as ever. If we are planning to stop drinking, there must be no reservation of any kind, nor any lurking notion that someday we will be immune to alcohol. – Pg. 33 – More About Alcoholism


Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

The slogans we are learning are like combinations to unlock something of value and make it accessible to our mind. Even if we don’t like the slogans hanging on the walls and repeated at meetings, we at least consider the possibility of opening our mind to it’s intent.

What situation, God, can I find this hour where a slogan will lead me to the solution?

I Will Be Me

I will be me, today. One thing I never seem to do well at, is trying to be someone else. I can imitate and learn from others, but I cannot be them. Only they know how to do that, it’s a natural outgrowth of all that they have experienced in life, of all they are. That’s the bad news. The good news is no one can be me as well as me. Being me builds on who I already am. It’s exercise for my personality and my spirit. If I allow myself to actualize my own unique gifts and visions they will have originality to them, a freshness.

– Tian Dayton PhD


Pocket Sponsor – Book – Quote

‘When adversity strikes, my message is always, Even this will pass…and better days than we have ever experienced will come.’ ~Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

I can’t run from God, so I let God run me.


“Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book” – Book

God speaks through people, don’t worry about which ones.


Time for Joy – Book – Quote

Today I will find someone who needs my love.

Today I will share my strength, hope and experience so that someone else can be reborn.


Alkiespeak – Book – Quote

‘Analysis’ has ‘anal’ in there. That tells me something. – Trip S.

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