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Daily Recovery Quotes – October 4, 2014

October 4

AA ‘Big Book’ – Quote

Since the home has suffered more than anything else, it is well that a man exert himself there. He is not likely to get far in any direction if he fails to show unselfishness and love under his own roof. We know there are difficult wives and families, but the man who is getting over alcoholism must remember he did much to make them so. – Pg. 127 – The Family Afterward


Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

At times, while traveling this road, we find it easier to just agree with everyone now, and do our own thing later. It’s called ‘just talking the talk.’ This means we are not serious about our new life and can quickly travel to our next high. We tell these people that a belly full of booze and head full of program is a miserable way to live.

Let the next thing I say be straight from my heart and not just something I think the person in front of me wants to hear.



I will tolerate the pain of watching. When I see someone I care about locked in this disease, I want to run and help. I want to tell them what to do to get better. But time and again, this hasn’t worked. In fact, it usually blows up in my face. My only job is to stay on my own path. I cannot help anyone who doesn’t want my help. If someone wants what I have they will also want to find it in their own way. I cannot really teach anyone anything I think. I cannot really save anyone. Especially those close to me. My feelings of disgust at their blindness and frustration with their seeming unwillingness to get with the program color my message. And so often, I help because I feel so much survivor’s guilt. What I really want to do is run the other way but I feel too guilty to do that. What I really want is the family I lost to this disease or the family I never had but that is gone. Today, I will allow myself to have what I have, to live well, to follow my own path of recovery.

– Tian Dayton PhD


Pocket Sponsor – Book – Quote

It’s easy to see the difference between ourselves and assholes, unless, at the moment, we’re the asshole.

I have got to get out of my own way.

“Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book” – Book

Today, take care of yourself. Tomorrow you can worry about them.


Time for Joy – Book – Quote

Today I am developing a world of peace for myself, both inside and out.

Today I know I am always only one breath away from peace, one prayer away from serenity.


Alkiespeak – Book – Quote

I looked around the room and I could not figure out what it was that you had which was so hot I should be willing to go to any lengths to get. Some of you had nice jewelry – and if your rings were loose and you held my hand during the Lord’s Prayer.. they were mine. – Patti O

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