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Need to get to a meeting and speak to someone right away? Below is a list of online meetings and resources to help you find a meeting and fellowship.

+ Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meeting Finder
+ Overeaters Anonymous Meeting Finder
+ Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Finder
+ Al-Anon Online Meeting Finder

Daily Recovery Quotes – June 27

June 27

AA ‘Big Book’ – Quote

Faced with alcoholic destruction, we soon became as open minded on spiritual matters as we had tried to be on other questions. In this respect alcohol was a great persuader. It finally beat us into a state of reasonableness. – Pg. 48 – We Agnostics

Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

If you have one hand in the program and one hand in your Higher Power’s, you won’t have a hand to pick up with.

Take my hand God, as I understand You, and never let me let go.

Leaving Abuse Behind

Today, I see my life as my life. If I do not take care of it, make plans and dream dreams, who will? I am not second in my own heart – there has to be a place on this Earth where I come first, so that the little child inside me feels loved and held. I will come first with me. In the same way that I will protect my children from harm, I will protect myself. Chaos is a part of a dysfunctional family system. I hardly saw it as unusual – it was just what was, a painful way of life – the only one I knew. I do not need to recreate problem situations in my life today in order to feel stable or as if I have a home. I can live a calm and pleasant life.

– Tian Dayton PhD

Pocket Sponsor – Book – Quote

I People often protest when they don’t get their prayers answered as if the Divine Source is not listening. What they fail to understand is that prayer is not intended to change the situation you are praying about; it is intended to change you.

Life is fragile; I ‘Handle with Prayer.’

“Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book” – Book

An old-timer makes his time count; he doesn’t count his time.

Time for Joy – Book – Quote

Today I am learning to be gentle with myself. Today I can look in the mirror and smile and know that I am okay just as I am. I am treating myself softly today.

Alkiespeak – Book – Quote

Drinking ‘Near Beer’ is like going to a house of prostitution to listen to the piano player. – Steve B.

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