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Need to get to a meeting and speak to someone right away? Below is a list of online meetings and resources to help you find a meeting and fellowship.

+ Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meeting Finder
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Daily Recovery Quotes – January 11

January 11

AA ‘Big Book’ – Quote

Those of us who have spent much time in the world of spiritual make-believe have eventually seen the childishness of it. This dream world has been replaced by a great sense of purpose, accompanied by a growing consciousness of the power of God in our lives. We have come to believe He would like us to keep our heads in the clouds with Him, but that our feet ought to be firmly planted on earth. That is where our fellow travelers are, and that is where our work must be done. – Pg. 130 – The Family Afterward

Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

Putting pen to paper can be a pain, reading new material can be frustrating, making numerous phone calls can be an annoyance, getting to a lot of meetings can seem boring, BUT this is the way we start. We must remember what circumstances brought us here in the first place. Was that such a pleasure?

My I place one foot in front of the other to reach my destination of sobriety.

Living the Segments of My Day Intentionally

I will divide my day into segments of intention. When I wake up in the morning I will picture feeling good as I go about my early routines. When I move into the next part of my day I will see my morning going smoothly, whatever I have to do I will picture doing with ease and a happy feeling. I will be intentional about each segment of my mid day, seeing myself operating effectively, competently and enjoying my interactions with those I encounter and interact. As afternoon approaches, I will imagine, in my mind’s eye, a pleasant and peaceful evening. And as evening gives way to night, I will imagine myself enjoying a peaceful and restful sleep.

I will be intentional about how I live each part of my day.

– Tian Dayton PhD

Pocket Sponsor – Book – Quote

There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Whatever you were thinking of doing, you can not rationalize it into ‘right’ action by saying, ‘yes but this’ or ‘no but that.’ You know what’s right and you know what’s wrong-that gut feeling guides you.

When things go wrong, I don’t go with them.

“Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book” – Book

Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life.

Time for Joy – Book – Quote

I am listening to the voice of truth and love today.

Alkiespeak – Book – Quote

An attitude of gratitude cuts through analysis paralysis. – James A.

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