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Need to get to a meeting and speak to someone right away? Below is a list of online meetings and resources to help you find a meeting and fellowship.

+ Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meeting Finder
+ Overeaters Anonymous Meeting Finder
+ Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Finder
+ Al-Anon Online Meeting Finder

Daily Recovery Quotes – February 16

February 16

AA ‘Big Book’ – Quote

Faith without works was dead, he said. And how appallingly true for the alcoholic! For if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others, he could not survive the certain trials and low spots ahead. – Pg. 14-15 – Bill’s Story


Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

There is no one with a ‘better’ program than another if they are clean and sober for we know that we are only one drink away from a drunk–each and everyone of us!

May I realize that I am no better or worse than another, or them from me. We are equal in our recovery.

Looking Toward What is Good

I am a creative being. I have the power of reason, the ability to think, hope and dream. I can envision my life not only as it is, but as I might wish it to be. I can then think through the steps I might need to become more of who I wish to be. I have the power to think my way into a happy point of view, to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. My mind can be my greatest enemy or my greatest ally. It depends on how I choose to use it.

I hold a beautiful vision of life

– Tian Dayton PhD
Pocket Sponsor – Book – Quote

‘Rather than put a label on yourself as Christian, Jew, Moslem, Buddhist, or whatever, instead make a commitment to be Christ-like, God-like, Buddha-like and Mohammed-like.’ -Dr. Wayne Dryer

I make a commitment to be ‘Twelve Step-like’ today.


“Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book” – Book

Real change requires real change.


Time for Joy – Book – Quote

Peace and relaxation flow through me with every breath that I take.


Alkiespeak – Book – Quote

An alcoholic is a fellow who is trying to get his religion out of a bottle, when what he really wants is unity within himself. Unity with God. – Bill W.

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