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Am I Special?

Walk In Dry Places
August 6
Am I Special?

An early professional believed that alcoholics get into trouble because they thought they were SPECIAL.  Thinking we’re special certainly creates all sorts of problems.

It’s true that every person is special in that no two people are exactly alike.  But we’re also part of the human race, and we are bound by the general limitations that apply to everyone. We got into trouble partly because we thought we were special and could break universal commonsense rules.

When we stop thinking of ourselves as special, we also become more teachable.  We learn more frm the experiences of others. Then we realize that we’re both special and generic, and we use his knowledge for self-improvement rather than self-destruction.

I’ll remember today that I’m special in certain ways, but that I’m also part of the human race and subject to things that apply to everyone.

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