About JFTM

Just For Today Meditations was formed so that there would be one stopping place for all meditations.  Meditations are posted all over the web, and we saw a need to centralize what is available as a part of our Service.  We hope that this Service will be useful to all people who want to be able to join in Recovery and to learn a new way of life that is developed through Spiritual Principles.  We seek to bring those in Recovery together to freely join in discussion and learn and help each other. That is what we have been taught is most helpful to others in seeking Recovery.  We can only keep what we have by giving it away.  We join hands together to be united, and Unity is what it is all about.

It gives us, as members of various 12-Step Programs, very humbling feelings to be here, to be able to provide this Service with all respect to everyone who visits.  We are not in competition with anyone; being helpful is our only goal.